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Answers to all the questions of the universe; at least where Sweat Mates are involved.

How do I use it?

Fold it up, and tuck it into your gym bag or luggage. Once you've stripped off the wet clothing, stuff it in, cinch it, and toss back into your bag. All other items in your suitcase or duffle are SAFE from the mess.

How do I wash it?

If the clothes inside are just damp, you can turn the bag inside out, and simply rinse the liner off under a running faucet and let air dry. If you made a mess with muddy shoes or left your gym clothes in there for a week and forgot about them (we've done it), then toss it into the laundry, too. Wash on cold, and line dry ONLY; keeping it out of the dryer will protect the waterproof liner for years.

Are they truly waterproof?

They are indeed. Keep in mind that the opening at the TOP of the bag will let any free-standing water out if you turn it upside down. This is true of wet bags even with zippers; upside down, liquids leak out the teeth. However, regardless of the opening at the top, soggy gear with free-standing water stays perfectly contained inside the bag when it is stored properly in your gym bag. If you will be putting wet items into a Sweat Mate and then into luggage and then onto a PLANE, we recommend you wring them out first so they are damp and not sopping.  Regardless of the top opening, they keep the wet mess (and even ODORS) perfectly contained.

How long do they last?

To this day, Aurora is still using one of the first Sweat Mate prototypes sewn up in 2006. And it is still going strong.  There really is no reason this shouldn't last you darn near a lifetime if you take proper care of it. However, if you find a defect or need a replacement, contact us, and we'll be happy to work it out.

What size do I need?

Here is a quick rundown of what each size will hold:

  • Small: Holds a pair of shorts and tank top or sports bra. Great for a hot yoga costume.

  • Medium: Holds your shorts, shirt, and a small workout towel.

  • Large: Holds your shorts, shirt and a full size bath towel.

Medium is our most popular size.​

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