Our History

The Sweat Mate was born when our founder, Aurora Sisneros, began attending hot yoga flow classes over 15 years ago. The classes she attended were during the lunch hour, and she needed a place to hold her sweaty, stinky yoga gear at the office of her corporate job.

Our Mission

To provide a long-term, reusable, washable solution for all your sweaty, smelly, and soiled gear you need to transport home to the laundry. The reusable part is especially important to us, as it cuts down on all of the beautiful places that single-use plastics can end up, like in our oceans and inside our wildlife.

Our Community

We manufacture our bags locally here in Denver, CO. Although the fabric we source is manufactured overseas, the companies that make them are based here in the US. Despite cheaper competition we may have, supporting our local economies remains a key component of our strategy for continued success. 

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